Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tiny Treasures...

Today Joy & I went to our 'bar-none' favourite store, Memory Lane. To say this place is the all-day sucker of eye candy is not overstating the fact. Plus, the sweet, sweet owner of the store (whom we are thrilled & blessed to be able to call our friend!) Karen, showed us all the newest & 'bestest' goodies.

It's always so hard though... We are torn between shopping and visiting, and so we wander around doing both, driving ourselves crazy when we take our long, lingering walk out of the store, because inevitably, we end up missing stuff, and have to go back & buy it.

It's such fun!

But Joy did have the best idea ever, and that is the next time we go, we'll take pictures of all of Karen's gorgeous displays-- seriously, this woman is a display genius-- and then share them with you. This store is beautiful, And Karen is so fabulous, giving and sharing with us, that we feel she's our long-lost 'junking' sister... she just totally gets it!

Plus, we met Karen's Mom today, Fran, who is every bit as sweet as her daughter-- we'd barely known her a half hour and she hugged us as we left like we were part of the family. We already adore her!

So... what did I get today? 'Tiny treasures'... buttons, a rhinestone buckle, the sweetest little square bottle, and two adorably little shiny 'baubles' that I put into a silvery box to share with you... here they are! (And, by the way, thanks Karen!)


Joy said...

How fab this looks Jan!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, fun, Janet! I would love to have a junking friend that I could hang out with all the time. I do not have one yet in my town, but I'm still looking for one. How blessed you and Joy are to have each other. Yes, it's great to hang out with those who do "get it" like we do.

Thanks for stopping by recently!

Shabbyfufu said...

Hi Janet! I am sorry it took a few days for me to visit but now I have to take a peek around. Lovely treasures....looks like you have a great eye like Joy does:-)