Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Sweetest Offerings...

My kids have been plotting for weeks now. And not just about how they can get a new puppy (though I'm sure there's more than a bit of that going on!) but about what they should be getting me for Mother's Day.
From my 9 year-old daughter, thinly veiled questions for weeks now... "What's your favourite colour Mom?" and "What kind of chocolate do you like best?" (Cadbury's Caramilk, thank you!)
My 5 year old son, takes the more direct approach-- "What do you want for Mother's Day,
Mom?" (To which I always answer "Hugs & kisses!")
And then there's my 12 year old, watching me with the almost underhanded glee as I look at the weekly flyers, and I can see the wheels turning... Can I talk Dad into getting her that new garden furniture she's eyeing up?
Little do they know that they've already gotten me the best thing they can ever get me... weeds.
Because to me, the sweetest offering children can ever make to their Mom happens when they rush indoors, rosy-cheeked and a little breathless with their own excitement, clutching a handful of dandelions, creeping charlie, and other assorted non-grass (but nevertheless growing in the grass) 'flowers'.
And I love 'em. Each and every gangly one. I proudly display them all over the house. (No pesticides for us!) I treasure them.
Because one day, when my kids are all grown up, and they've pooled their hard-earned cash to get me some wonderful gadget for the kitchen, or a day at the spa, I know that while I'll appreciate their thoughtfulness and sacrifice, I'll be thinking back to these days, the days when a handful of weeds was the sweetest offering ever.

Happy Mother's Day to all you other Moms, Grandmoms, Aunts, and all the other kinds of Moms out there too (you know who you are!) who love weeds just as much as I do.


Joy said...

Jan, only YOU could makes these weeds look FAB! ;)

So sweet!

Janet said...

This is the sweetest post! It's so completely true too! I have a bowl full of 'weeds' on my desk right now, and they are so special!