Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting There!

Just a short post to update.
Been furiously working on the site the past few days, trying to get things loaded in for the Grand Opening, which I hope will be this week!

Want a sneak peek at a few of the treasures that will be available?

How about this...

...vintage creamy suitcase altered with hand-aged papers?

Or how about...

...this adorable petite vintage crown bottle?

Hmm... One more & that's it!


(My personal fave so far... I honestly don't know how I'm going to part with it!)

It's a *fabulous* old glass decanter from Italy, complete with totally shabby tag and vintage stickers intact!

Well, back to work for me!


Joy said...

Looking FABU Jan!

Melody said...

Oh boy, I'm excited! Everything looks beautiful!!

Janet said...

Thanks, my 'shoulda-been' sistahs!

Jenny said...

That glass decanter is divine...would make a lovely base for a lamp.
(I came her via Joy).
Good luck with your shop!!